Home Renovation

Scenic Glen

Located in North West Calgary in the community of Scenic Acres this house was personal home flip for our lead designer Carol Nickel. Carol and her husband purchased the home with the intention of flipping the house over time and working on it evenings and weekends. The home was built in 1985 and nothing had been done to it since it was built. For the most part they replaced the finishes throughout but they also did some alterations to the kitchen and main floor powder room.

The kitchen had a drop ceiling with florescent lighting and seemed small and worn out. Taking the ceiling up 10” and putting in pot lights the kitchen seems much lighter and brighter. They installed a gas range and a microwave with fan for above the stove. They also opened up the wall to the dining room for a pass through. When they reinstalled the cabinets over the pass through and over the stove and microwave they raised the cabinets to give it a higher end look. Originally, the Nickels wanted to replace the cabinets but in the end decided to have the cabinets spray lacquered. They also installed crown moulding on the tops of the cabinets to give them more presence. The backsplash tile was the one splurge as it was the jewelry of the kitchen. The countertop is a laminate that looks like marble which was cost savings but with the glass backsplash tile it has a higher end look without the cost.

The main floor powder room was in need of change because you had to pass through the powder room to get to the laundry room. The importance of having public spaces public and private spaces private gave […]

Ellis Project

Located in the North West of Calgary in the community of Wildwood, Ms. Ellis had decided to retire from her work and move to Vancouver Island. The house built in the 1950’s was worn and dated. Since Ms. Ellis was moving from the property she did not wish to spend a lot of money on upgrades she would never get the benefit from. My job was to ensure that everything we did would help her get the best price on the sale of her home.

The big question was how much to do. We were unsure if the buyer would come in and demolish the house or if the buyer would be someone who would continue to refurbish it.

The bathrooms were in the worst shape and so we felt we had to do those as well as replacing the pink tile counter top in the kitchen with a nice laminate. The rest of the house was mostly paint and cosmetics. We wanted to give the place a high end look with the least amount of dollars. By painting the house a neutral color (Benjamin Moore’s Natural Linen) and staging the home we achieved a sale with higher than expected profits.