Home Styling & Staging

Home Styling is a cost effective way to use what you already have to create a new look.  With the addition of a few new pieces we can create a new look for the home owner that is fresh and exciting.

Staging is usually done when selling or renting a home and is usually done to maximize the perceived value of a home.  Breathe works in co-operation with Calgary’s leading staging company  to give you the best look for your home.



Home Renovation

Breathe can make the process of a home renovation much more manageable.  Many people hesitate to attempt a home renovation because the details can be overwhelming.  Having someone to visit the site to ensure that the work is progressing according to plan and to ensure that the workmanship is what it should be, gives the homeowner peace of mind. The people at Breathe have years of experience dealing with the surprises and challenges that can happen in renovation and can help you Breathe a little easier.

We specialize in project management, design concept planning, space planning, contract drawings, budget planning, finish selection, and accessorizing.  Whether it is just a kitchen, bathroom, built-ins or a full-scale renovation we can help.



Interior Design for New Builds

Whether you are a contractor or a home owner building a home Breathe can assist you with planning the layout of your new home so that you maximize both space and style.  Sometimes just the smallest of adjustments to the plan can make a significant impact on the day to day function of your home.

When picking finishes for a new home having someone to help create a consistent look will add strength to the stylistic impact of your home.  Breathe can easily achieve this and make your process seem simple.