Breathe Interior Design Solutions mission is to create homes that function beautifully and that the process of getting there is as peaceful as possible.

Breathe is an Interior Design firm servicing the Calgary and surrounding area, that focuses on home styling, renovation and new builds. Our intent is to make these processes for the client as simple as possible. We do all aspects of design including, millwork, built ins, kitchens and baths.

Our Philosophy is that the home is a place where we nurture ourselves and our families and that it should be a place that we can shut out the stresses of our work day and ‘breathe’. Let us provide this nurturing envioronment, not only in the spaces we create, but in the service we provide. We also provide insight into sustainable design and use of green materials in finishes.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Carol Nickel as a designer through Dekora Home Staging. She had a vision for our home when we were trying to sell that brought out the best qualities of the space we lived in and ‘sold’ the space for us. Her ability to spatially create our interiors was fabulous; she brought in everything from the carpets to the furniture, to the art, and all the extras as well, books, towels, as well as decorating. She was masterful at bringing in a palette of colour that made the house seem larger, and tied it all together in a matter of days. We have moved into a new home, and Carol has helped us with a game plan. while we get used to our new space we wanted her advice when it came to buying new pieces for our home, and be able to blend it with the furniture that we still have that doesn’t need replacing… yet. Carol worked exceptionally hard for us, taking a great deal of care and attention to detail. She has a flair for ideas, and is open to suggestion. She was very easy to work with, and was a great resource for where to find certain pieces for our home.”
Eleanor Pidgeon


Carol has a degree in Interior Design from Calgary’s own Mount Royal University which is highly regarded as one of Canada’s best design schools.

Carol worked in restaurant design and retail design, as well as corporate design, before settling on the world of residential design. With strong skills in décor and spacial perception, Carol understands both form and function. Carol has an strong background in business and teaching and she draws on these skills to assist in ethical practices, careful listening to and understanding of, client needs and is adept at problem solving and resourcefulness.